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Thesis on diabetes mellitus research, Elective courses

Awarded works of the 15th National Conference of Student Researchers. Ministry of Education.

Risk Factors of Stroke among Survivals in the Gaza Strip- Case Cont S.

Institute of Scientific Information, Budapest. Thesis of M. Colloid Chem. Eötvös Loránd Univ. Csermely, P. Biochemistry Hung. In: F. Carpenedo, P. Debetto, M. Floreani, S.

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Egészségtudomány I.

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Cell Physiol. Tóth, S. Decreased cytosolic free calcium concentration of aged human lymphocytes in resting state.

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Gerontology 3, Download it! Acta Physiol. In: Centenarians in Hungary. A sociomedical and demographic study.

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Karger, Basel vol. Interferon Res. Goldstein, B. Phosphatases 6, Download it! Siddle, K. Orvosi Hetilap Medical Weekly, Hung. In: Bioelemente und Swangerschaft ed. Weidinger Blackwell Wissenschaft, Berlin.

thesis on diabetes mellitus research

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thesis on diabetes mellitus research

Bamberg and W. Schoner Steinkopff Verlag, Darmstadt, pp. Vántus, T. Tumor Biology, 16, IF: 1. World of Nature Hung. Age Vault.

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Kellermayer, M. Vér, Á. How objective can we remain during observation? World of Nature HungCsermely, P. Experientia, 51, IF: 1. Hungarian Society of Cell Biology, book, pp. Acta,IF: 2.

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Retort and Reactor Hung. Current hypotheses of prebiotic evolution leading to life on Earth. Trends in Biochem. A surface plasmon resonance study.

Mónika Kovács, 6th year medical student Zsuzsa Kovács, 6th year medical student Anna Vincze, 6th year medical student Vivien Csitkovics, 6th year medical student Fanni Magdolna Márványkövi, 3rd year medical student Dóra Halmi, 3rd year medical student Research interest In the last few decades, there was an explosive increase in the number of people diagnosed with metabolic diseases including obesity, hyperlipidemia, diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome and chronic renal failure, worldwide. It is well known that metabolic diseases have adverse effects on the metabolism.

Life Sci. Diabetologia 40, IF: 5. Prohászka, Z. Molecular Immunology 34, IF: 1. Cell Stress and Chaperones 3, Download it!

thesis on diabetes mellitus research

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Education, 28, Download it!

thesis on diabetes mellitus research

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