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Diabetes training for schools


    Compulsory subjects linked to a PhD subprogram specialization semester Medical Microbiology and Immunology subprogram: The main pathogenicity factors of bacterial and viral infections Immune response against pathogens Research methods in microbiological investigations Compulsory subjects of 3 sub-programs of the Doctoral School of the Interdisciplinary Medicine, of which min.

    diabetes training for schools

    Novel functions of the signaling molecule CKIP-1 Diabetes training for schools Kata Duda Ernő, Vapors of benzene, a parquet varnish and a synthetic thinner induce chromosome loss in cells of the Drosophila wing primordia Soós István Szabad János, The in vitro effects of Herpes simplex virus and Rubella virus on autophagy Pásztor Kata Megyeri Klára, Modification of quorum sensing in bacterial cultures Varga Zoltán Gábor Molnár József, Evaluation of protective and pathological immune response against chlamydial infection and re-infection in mice Mosolygó Tímea Burián Katalin, Genetics of endocrine and exocrine diseases of the pancreas Németh Balázs Mándi Yvette, The anti-chlamydial activity of defensin-like proteins.

    Balogh Emese Petra Burián Katalin, Application of multiplex real-time PCR and Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer for the detection and differentiation of the most frequent causative agents of systemic infections from biological fluids Horváth Ádám Somogyvári Diabetes training for schools training for schools, Comparison of the effects of resistance modifiers on prostate cancer, mouse lymphoma and colon cancer cells Csonka Ákos Molnár József, Investigation of Herpes simplex-1 latency in diabetes training for schools and in vitro Dósa Sándor Endrész Valéria, Genetic background of neurological diseases Szekeres Márta Somogyvári Ferenc -Szolnoki Zoltán, Experimental study of radiogenic heart damage using in vitro and in vivo animal models Kiscsatári Laura Kahán Zsuzsanna, The investigation of lymphocyte activation processes and an inflammatory biomarker in autoimmune connective tissue diseases.

    Csörgő-Legány Nóra Balog Attila, High-throughput diabetes training for schools analysis of Pseudorabies virus Oláh Péter Boldogkői Zsolt, Phenotypic and genotypic investigation of antibiotic resistance of clinical Bacteroides isolates Eitel Zsuzsa Nagy Erzsébet, Epidemiology of most frequent infectious complications in immunocompromised patients: focusing on bacteraemia, CMV and HHV-6 infections in haematological patients, and following autologous stem cell t Piukovics Klára Urbán Edit, Objective decision making between conventional and oncoplastic breast-conserving surgery or mastectomy with immediate breast reconstruction.

    diabetes training for schools

    Csabai Zsolt Boldogkői Zsolt-Tombácz Dóra, Investigation of the adaptive immune response in immune-mediated diseases. Dulic Sonja Balog Attila, A kardiovaszkuláris rendszer és a gasztrointesztinális traktus Chlamydia fertőzésének modellezése Lantos Ildikó Ilona Endrész Valéria, New approaches in the neoadjuvant systemic therapy of breast cancer Rusz Orsolya Kahán Zsuzsanna, Epidemiological- and antibiotic susceptibility investigation of Hungarian Bacteroides fragilis group clinical isolates Sárvári Károly Péter Urbán EditAnalysis of Contributing Factors of the Breast Cancer Mortality Rate In Hungary Between And Újhelyi Mihály Mátrai Zoltán-Bak Mihály, Development of a novel chlamydia growth-monitoring method and its application for screening anti- and pro-chlamydial compounds.

    Gajdács Márió Spengler Gabriella, Individualised radiotherapy serving reduced toxicity in breast and prostate cancer.

    diabetes training for schools

    Kószó Renáta Lilla Varga Zoltán,