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Food and Drug Administration said Monday.

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The new warning will be included on the labels of medicines that contain valproate. These medicines already carry a boxed warning about fetal risk, including birth defects. Valproate medicines have several FDA-approved uses including: prevention of migraines, treatment of epileptic seizures and treatment of bipolar disorder.

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This new warning was issued after a study found that children whose mothers took valproate drugs to protect against epilepsy during pregnancy scored eight to 11 points lower on IQ tests at age 6 than children who were exposed to other antiepileptic drugs in the womb. It's not known if there's a specific time during pregnancy when valproate can result in decreased IQ in children.

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The women in the study took the antiepileptic valproate drugs throughout their pregnancies, the FDA said.

Valproate may have some value in treating bipolar disorder and epileptic seizures in pregnant women, but should only be taken if other medications have failed to control the symptoms or are otherwise unacceptable, according to the agency.

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The FDA also said that: Women who can become pregnant should not use valproate unless it is essential to managing their medical condition. Women of childbearing age taking valproate products should use effective birth control.

At the opening, Minister Katalin Novák emphasized that the government is trying to give all support to the families of children with diabetes so that they can live a full life. Of these, the most up-to-date technical devices, insulin pumps and sensors for measuring tissue sugar levels are already available in Hungary with 98 percent state diabetes research & wellness foundation for type 1 diabetic children and 80 percent for adults with state support, the Minister without Portfolio at a Thursday event. In his greeting, the President of the UD Clinical Center spoke about the fact that the Department of Pediatrics of the University of Debrecen has become the leading institution in the field in the whole region thanks to the outstanding professional work of the past years and decades. Zoltán Szabó added: everything is being done to ensure that child emergency care in Debrecen can develop in a short time. Of course, we also monitor the fate of children with metabolic diseases, such as diabetes, and try to do everything we can to make significant progress in this area as well, the professor stressed.

Women who are pregnant or who become pregnant while taking valproate medications should talk to their health-care professional immediately. Women should not stop taking their medication diabetes research & wellness foundation talking to their health-care professional because stopping treatment suddenly can cause serious and life-threatening medical problems for the woman or the fetus.

More information The Nemours Foundation outlines pregnancy hazards.

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